7 most exciting programs this school year

Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland Metro school year programs start September 12, and there’s a lot to be excited about.

Whether youth are making 3D art at the Wattles Club, learning sign language in homeroom at Inukai, or taking part in Positive Action at JWR, day-to-day activities in the Club cover a wide range of topics and allow youth to explore, learn, and grow. After much deliberation, we’ve compiled the top 7 most exciting programs to keep on your radar this school year.

Leadership Leagues

With an emphasis on leadership and sportsmanship, Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland Leadership leagues are on this school year! League sports will include soccer, basketball, and flag football – all starting at $27.

Leadership Leagues are in partnership with the Buffalo Wild Wings All-Star Leagues and include skill building clinics and jamborees. Basketball will kick off the athletic program, starting October 1 and running through November 19. Teens leagues will take place this summer.


This school year, we’re encouraging kids to get out and play! Club members grades 3-5 will have the opportunity to track their play and earn points with a fun, interactive, system.

The Sqord Activity Pod easily syncs with the free Sqord App, instantly updating the player’s Activity Points. Each Club will be equipped with a syncing station, where youth can track their points for all kinds of activities in and out of the Club. Wristbands are COPPA compliant, user friendly, and do not contain a GPS.

CS First

There will be 1 million more computer science jobs than students by 2020, but only 1 in 4 principals say their school offers computer science classes. CS-First exposes youth to coding and computer science education through a free education program designed by Google,  aimed at 9-14 year old youth. Students at all Club locations will explore technology behind music & sound, fashion & design, and storytelling using a block based coding language called Scratch.

Curriculum is taught by volunteers, or “Gurus,” at all our Club locations.

National Fine Arts

The National Fine Arts program gives youth a chance to explore their creativity and display their artwork in a gallery! This year-long curriculum aims to promote the creation of art while encouraging members to explore personal expression, discover new ways of communicating ideas, share their individual passions, and celebrate the Boys & Girls Clubs in the arts community.

Culminating in an open art exhibit, youth explore all mediums ranging from sculpture to painting, and collage to pastels.

Americorps STEM Connect

The AmeriCorps STEM Connect Program bridges the learning gap from school to Club through mentorship and innovative STEM programs. During the school year, AmeriCorps members spend a portion of their day in the school working with students, supporting teachers, and learning school culture and curriculum. The second portion of their day is spent in the Club, working with youth and BGCP staff, supporting BGCP programming, and incorporating specific best practices from the school into the culture and curriculum of the Club.

UPS Road Code

Building on UPS’ exceptional drivers safety standards, the UPS Road code curriculum gives teens the chance to enhance their driving skills and learn techniques from the best.

Teens get driving tips from experienced UPS drivers, learn about safe driving principles, find out more about risky behaviors like talking on cell phones, practice skills on driving simulators, and more. This program is offered at all Club locations.

Teen Advisory Council

Inukai Family Club teens are working to make local-level policy changes that affect sexual or reproductive health in the Hillsboro community of Washington County. Through community activation, educational events, and meetings with educators and policy makers, Teen Advisory Council youth advocates are leading the charge to address reproductive health issues in their community.

Excited about the fall? Help us start the school year strong.