That’s a wrap! Back 2 Club campaign comes to a close

25 fundraisers, 62 donors, $8,446

That’s a wrap! The Back 2 Club Campaign has come to a close and we are excited to announce that we reached 84% of our fundraising goal! Thank you to the Club staff, families, donors, and partners who made a contribution to support our members. Showing up for our youth is a community effort, and every bit makes a difference.


When school is out, our Clubs open their doors to nearly 1,000 kids a day across the Portland metro area. It’s vital that youth have a place like the Club where they can find caring adults, a sense of belonging, and opportunities to expand their horizons.

Our work is never done. While membership dues are just $25 per year, the actual cost to provide impactful programs for a member is $1,200 annually. It takes a community to ensure that youth continue to have access to these services.


We cannot do this work without support and investment from our community. Thank you for investing in Portland youth and ensuring that Club members continue to have a safe place to learn, grow, and shine when school’s out.


TOP DONOR – Erik Ingebretsen

“My son has been going to the Inukai Club since first grade. He is a sophomore in high school this year and still really enjoys his time there. Rachel and many other staff have had a big impact on his life and I am very thankful for that.” 
-Erik Ingebretsen
Top Back 2 Club donor and Parent at the Inukai Club

Thank you to our fundraisers: Tyler Brown,  Amanda Wallace, Erin Cunningham, Teresa Hall,  Imani Muhammad, Sarai Barrera,  Rebecca Cole,  Jamie Sanic-Paz,  Annie O’Brien,  Nikki Gonzalez, Yvett Owings,  Raul Rivera Leos, Tonya Peshel,  Kathryn Hunter, Stephanie Lindstrom, Rachel Parker, Matthew Heady, Mehdi Tabrizi, Aalok Shah,  April Loschiavo,  Kelsey Kuhnhausen,  Megan Cole,  Amber Barnes, and Emily Porter.

Thank you to those who contributed: Michelle Brunetto, Tracey Cunningham, Robin & Doug Holman, Phyllis Cunningham, Stacie Jones, Julie Elkins, Heather Ohmart, Nick Hubert, Erik Moser, Camille Alvarez, Mike Fisher, Nancy Merryman, Sue Combs, Rhonda Haigh, Kelsey Kuhnhausen, Max Showers, Julie Morgan, Michael Reese, Joani Jones, David McDonald, Ran Yoon, Maggie Kemper, Brandy Grantham, Kristi Wright, Erin Cunningham, Casey Dorough, Debra Heintz, Josh Lloyd, Courtney and John Cummings, Regina Kypriandes, Mary Helen Barnes, Dianya Markovits, Karen Stewart, Erik Ingebretsen, Lois Bergerud, Heidi Petersen, Rick Abrahamson, Vikki Villarreal, Lois Hill, Teresa Campisi, Robert Braddy, Rebeccca Petersen, Donna Eldredge, Mark Kuhnhausen, Shannon Inukai Cuffee, Ken O’Neil, Erin Hubert, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff Portland, John Herman, Jessica Glidden, Edward Stojakovic, Keith Meisenheimer, Mehdi Tabrizi, Aalok Shah, Chris Denzin, Raemie West, Lyle Whitmore, Jeffrey Inman, Emily Porter, and Colleen Showalter.


“Just because I’m not there doesn’t mean I don’t care. BGCP is still first in my heart.”

Mike FisherFormer maintenance technician

“I love the club and I’ve been volunteering there for the last couple of years.”

Rhonda HaighVolunteer

“I miss seeing the lovely kids at Inukai Family. I hope they are all doing well. Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to work with you all.”

Ran YoonFormer staff at Inukai Family Club

“I am so inspired everyday by the amazing BGCP staff and families that work so hard to make our community stronger.”

Erin CunninghamVice President of Programs, Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland

“Children need a place to go and feel safe and loved and understood. The Boys and Girls Clubs do this every day with every child.”

Mary Helen Barnes

“My family is involved in the Boys & Girls Club and it is a great organization and worth supporting!”

Donna Eldredge

“My boys love the Inukai Boys and Girls club. We have been members for the last two summers and the teen club has given my oldest son a place where he belongs and can be himself. A place where he can learn to be a leader, to form new friendships and learn while having fun. My younger son has his own friends and enjoys the weekly activities and field trips. He enjoys seeing old friends that come back in the summer. Both of my boys enjoy the friendly staff and can’t wait to go back the next year. I am grateful for this community and the wonderful things they are doing.”

Stacie JonesParent at the Inukai Family Boys & Girls Club