What’s Happening At the Clubs this Summer?

Blazers Club

Over the summer, 1st-6th graders at Blazers have explored global cultures, created their own characters, played games of all names, learned about working together as a team and participated in a talent show!

Blazers Club has also been undergoing an art room renovation this summer thanks to a generous grant from Michaels! The new room is set to open on August 14, with brand new flooring, counters, furniture, and peg boards for hanging, as well as plenty of craft supplies.

  • Summer Meals Week

    Youth made recipes using local ingredients this July to celebrate Oregon-grown foods as part of Oregon’s Summer Meals Week. Mealtimes in our Clubs are open to youth in our community ages 0-18 during the summertime, and BGCP is an equal opportunity provider.

    Girl smiles at camera in cafeteria, while eating healthy yogurt parfait snack made with local ingredients for Oregon's summer meals week challenge.
  • 3M Visit

    One fun highlight from Blazers this summer was a visit from 3M volunteers, who led a day full of fun craft and innovation activities using duct tape, post its, and other everyday objects, and donated a whole pallet of office supplies to the Club.

    Group of 1st and 2nd grade youth with 3M volunteers watches as man demonstrates how to make wallets out of duct tape.

Inukai Family Club

Youth at Inukai have had a summer full of science experiments, sports, theater and fun in their brand new green play space, which opened this past spring.

Inukai teens have been building relationships with their peers and heading out on a series of awesome field trips. 1st-6th graders have had fun crafting in the art room, exploring science through making slime (always a crowd favorite), and learning about traditions from all across the globe.

  • Art Exploration Week

    These 4th & 5th graders got crafty in the Inukai Art Room as they made glass paintings!

  • Zoo ZAP Team Visit

    Youth learned about reptiles this July, and got to meet a Bearded Dragon, Pancake Tortoise and a Ball Python.

  • OMSI Field Trip

    5th & 6th graders loved exploring SCIENCE and experimenting at OMSI this summer.

  • Teen Service Squad

    On Wednesdays, teens in Service Squad helped water plants and clean up the neighborhood.

    Boy in Minions t-shirt holds a garden hose and waters ferns and other plants next to a wooden fence, during Service Squad activities at the Inukai Family Boys & Girls Club.
  • Cannon Beach Visit

    Teens took a trip to the coast, having fun in the sun at Cannon Beach, exploring tide pools, getting to know teens from other clubs, and learning about geology.

Oak Grove Club

Oak Grove 1st-6th graders have spent the summer enjoying the playground, multiple rounds of Dungeons & Dragons, and learning about science, technology, engineering, art and math with weekly themed activities. Over the course of 8 weeks, we’ve let our imaginations roam outer space and the oceans, explored nature in the Pacific Northwest and made friends in the animal kingdom, and shared stories about the legends and heroes that inspire us.

  • Family Night

    As we headed into summer, youth and their families gathered to snack, play games, take pictures and view artwork created throughout the year.

Regence Club

Regence Club has been a teen-only site this summer, meaning 7th-12th graders in Portland had a home base all to themselves.

When they weren’t hanging out at the Club, teens headed out on a series of awesome field trips, including to the Portland Art Museum, Cannon Beach, and the International Rose Test Garden!

  • Canoeing

    Teens took a trip to Whitaker Pond and embarked on a canoe trip!

  • Cannon Beach

    The sunny weather was great for running through the cold ocean waves on this coastal field trip!

  • International Rose Test Garden

    Youth took a camera out to the Rose Garden to take their own images of the plants and each other.

  • Art of Nature Club

    On our visit to Bybee Lake & Cathedral Park, these youth used watercolors and other supplies to creatively chart their surroundings, painting bridges, trees, and other beauties.

Wattles Club

Wattles 1st-6th graders have been keeping busy over the summer! Kids have loved creating new choreography for themselves and practicing their music skills, making healthy and delicious snacks for themselves and their peers, and working together as a team in the gym.

  • Summer Meals Week

    Youth ate fresh, nutritious, local foods during the Farm2Summer Challenge and Oregon’s Summer Meals Week, trying recipes using berries from Hurst, Tillamook cheese, and ingredients from Bob’s Red Mill.

  • Club Service

    These youth helped unload and spread cedar bark chips on the Wattles playground, so our community can once again play on and enjoy it.

  • "Lit" Hour

    3rd, 2nd, and 1st graders during Summer Brain Gain activities, reading aloud for “Lit” hour.

Rockwood Club

Youth at Rockwood have been staying active this summer with sports, nature, career day and so much more! The Timbers and Thorns stopped by for Stand Together week, where youth scrimmaged on the futsal courts and faced off in the games room.

Teens in 7th – 12th grades have been staying busy in the Rockwood Teen Center, improving their financial literacy skills, building job skills and relaxing as a group for movie day in ‘couch potato’ formation.

  • Career Day at Rockwood

    Beep beep! Youth learned all about what it’s like to drive a garbage truck from our Rockstar volunteer Mr. Scott.

  • Garden Grown Squash

    Staff cooked up some marvellous homegrown squash and zucchini for lunchtime, tended and picked by our youth in otu very own garden.

  • Progression Athletics International

    Here, teens participate in an activity in the Nike gym led by PAI, who returned to the Club this year to put on their own mini Olympics.

  • Stand Together Week

    Timbers & Thorns visited to lead scrimmage activities during Stand Together Week, playing all sorts of games with Rockwood kids.

  • Movie Day

    A fun moment capturing the “couch potato” formation of Rockwood Teen Center furniture as youth relax for a movie.

Alder Creek & Wilbur Rowe

Our North Clackamas Middle School sites have been located at New Urban High School for the summer.

Together, these teens have been exploring the world through their own lens by documenting their neighborhood with cameras, participating in field days, and building relationships with their peers.

  • Field Day

    Tug of war and other games were played on a beautiful sunny day this July. Youth enjoyed the competition and working together as a team to win!

  • PhotoVoice

    Teens documented their neighborhood in this short-form version of a PhotoVoice project, learning how to take their own pics and edit them with the Vibrant Future Coalition.

  • Art Day

    Youth got crafty with spoons, magazines and other materials as they made their own collages.

  • On the Court

    Summer sports at New Urban involved some trips to the neighboring basketball court, where they shot hoops and faced off.

Margaret Scott Club

Margaret Scott youth spent some time at the Rockwood Club this summer, experimenting, taking field trips and making some amazing memories. From trekking the globe through cuisine to arts festivals, OMSI, and more, these 1st-5th graders learned a ton during their Summer in the Club!

  • Gresham Arts Festival

    Margaret Scott members had a blast at the Gresham Arts Festival, rock climbing, leaping in bouncy castles, shooting down water slides, and more!

  • OMSI Trip

    It was a day full of discovery during this field trip to OMSI. Youth loved doing experiments in the chemistry lab, learning about sound waves in the physics lab, and getting to try out being astronauts.

  • Behind the Scenes at Regal

    Thanks to a Regal Summer Movie Express grant, Margaret Scott was able to visit the movies to celebrate their last week of summer program. In addition to tasty snacks and a great movie, members got a behind-the-scenes tour with Regal staff!

  • Animal Kingdom Week

    Kids put their STEM hats on during this classic Elephant Toothpaste experiment!

Lot Whitcomb Club

  • Sippin’ on Smoothies

    Fruity delicious smoothies helped Lot Whitcomb kids beat the heat on a hot summer day.

    Group of 6 youth sips on tropical summer slushies with paper straws.
  • Arts & Crafts

    Youth got to let their imaginations go wild as they made artwork with the ever-popular pipe cleaners.

    Girl smiles at camera holding her pipe cleaner craft project
  • Zoo ZAP team visit

    Ever wanted to get up close and personal with a Ball Python? Youth got to learn about reptiles and meet a variety of our cold-blooded friends as they learned about the Animal Kingdom.

  • Microsoft Visit

    This July, kids got to learn about new technologies and try out some laptops during this Microsoft presentation!

YouthForce Teens

  • Mannequin Challenge

    YouthForce teens learn how to dress and arrange styles on a mannequin at Old Navy during their This Way Ahead Training.

  • This Way Ahead

    Old Navy’s This Way Ahead workforce training program helps youth aged 16-24 learn about what goes into a first retail job.