“It’s made my life better because I get more exercise. I have more fun outside of home.”

Jaiden chose to be featured in the games room because it’s his favorite place in the Club.


10 years old
Boys & Girls Club
Member for 6 months
Future store owner

Why do you like the Club?

They help me with my homework, it’s fun to play in the games room, they give you food, the staff are nice.

What did you just win tonight from the Club?

A turkey dinner. For my whole family!

How has the Club impacted you?

It’s made my life better because I get more exercise; I have more fun outside of home.

What does BGC mean to you?


What do you want to be when you grow up?

Manager of my own store

How will Boys & Girls Club help you get there?

Probably with math. We play category ball, basketball, pool games that focus on math.

How would you describe the Boys & Girls Club?

It’s cool, they give you food, it’s fun, you play your favorite games there. And it’s just cool.

What’s your favorite activity?

Playing on the computers because I get to play Road Blocks and other fun games. Road Blocks is one of my favorite games. Mine Craft is my all time favorite. Road Blocks is my second.

What are some cool opportunities you’ve had at the Club?

I go to plenty of fieldtrips. Me and my brother get picked for that a lot. We’re pretty lucky.

What have you learned here?

I’ve learned how to be nice, how to play a lot of games like pool and Texas, carpet ball, these games right here, foosball, bumper pool, air hockey.

Anything else you want to add?

You can make great friends here.

Thank you for helping me learn for my homework also for the field trips they let me go on.