Exploring Higher Education: BGCP Teens Kick-Off College Tours at Oregon State University

by Abram Misiluti
(Teen Services Coordinator)

Monday, Jan. 29, 2018 – Teens from our YouthForce program and the Blazer’s Club visited Oregon State University in Corvallis. Ashton, our tour guide, gave us an in depth look at several of the key buildings on campus in addition to the variety of majors OSU offers. We were able to see the Student Experience Center, the Memorial Union Building, and the Dixon Recreation Center. After our tour Zachary, one of our YouthForce interns, said, “I am highly interested in this school… this college is definitely on my top 5 list”.

“This college tour has opened my eyes to a possible new learning experience.”

OSU freshman and YouthForce alumni, Henok and Adrianah, met up with us to share their experiences at Oregon State so far. We got to see their dormitories, dining halls, and the engineering makerspace! We had lunch at one of the restaurants in the quad and learned all about clubs, research opportunities, bridge programs, and cool outdoor activities available at OSU. Gia, from the Blazer’s Club, shares her first impression of Oregon State with us after her visit, stating “this college tour has opened my eyes to a possible new learning experience.”

A word from our teens:

“OSU is a beautiful campus and I hope to attend one day” – Savannah, YouthForce

“… This would be a great place to go because there are so many choices for students to learn and get knowledge” – Angel, Blazer’s Club

” This was a good experience because I got to learn about the school, there are a lot of places to get help, opportunities with sports and arts, and the dorms are on campus which make the walk to class shorter” – Sierra, Blazer’s Club

Overall, we had a great time at OSU. Go Beavs!