“When I was in some pretty dark places, the Club really helped me. They always care about your life, and what you do, and what happens to you. I’d be in trouble without the Club.”

Teya chose to be featured in the music room because she found her love of music at the Club and now she’s “boss at piano.”


15 years old
Boys & Girls Club
Member for 10 years
Future neurobiologist, current Piano Boss

Why do you like to come to the Club?

I like the Club a lot. It’s really nice. It’s like a place to go if you don’t have anywhere to go, or if you don’t have support, or if you’re super cool like me and you need something to do. Or if you’re bored. And it really helps people. I have friends that don’t have their parents, so they feel safe at the Boys & Girls Club. And you can meet all the staff and they’re super cool.

How has it impacted you personally?

Well when I was in some pretty dark places it really helped. They always care about your life and what you do and what happens to you.

So would you say it changed your life?

Definitely. I was around some bad kids doing bad things and after school it gave me a place to go when my mom wasn’t home. Or when she was out doing something. Or when I was by myself. Or say if I was going to a foster home, this would be the place I would go.

What kinds of opportunities have you had here?

I‘ve been to colleges. They helped me get into a private school, so now I go to a private school. They helped me get a job. They have a lot of musical programs so you can always find an instrument, like now I’m boss at piano.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A  neurobiologist.

That’s awesome. How did you decide that?

We actually had a trip to OSU and I met my first neurobiologist and that’s how I fell in love with science. Now I’ve been going there and I really enjoy it. And it’s all because of the Boys & Girls Club.  I wouldn’t be able to afford to go without them.

What have you learned here?

I’ve learned so many things about poetry, about English, about regular stuff. I’ve learned who Maya Angelou was. George Washington Carver. All kinds of educational things, but also life lessons that will help you.

Why do you think places like the Club are important?

So kids can have a place to go and people that actually care about them and something to do. It helps lots of kids who don’t have anything. Or are alone or don’t have enough money or just have had a really messed up life. It always helps them and it gives back a lot. There’s always a lot of kids that are always by themselves walking down the street but because they have the Boys & Girls Club, they can always have somewhere to go.

Where would you be without the Club?

I would be in trouble. Big kid trouble.

If you could describe the Club in one word, what would you choose?


Anything else you would like to add?

It’s just a great opportunity. I’ve been here since it opened. So when it opened I was the first member ever to be here and it’s just a great opportunity and it helps you with your life. It just does.

I would say thank you for everything. Thank you for keeping my life straight. Thank you for everything that you’ve done. As if it was a person.